Brian Walshe killed his wife Ana Walshe, and searched for information about being charged with murder without a body: Prosecutor

At his arraignment on Wednesday, a prosecutor with the Norfolk district attorney’s office stated that Brian Walshe murdered and dismembered his wife Ana Walshe, disposing of her remains in dumpsters, due to his desire to end their marriage.

As prosecutors discussed his alleged actions, whereabouts and the evidence recovered by investigators, the Massachusetts art swindler sat slumped over with a blank stare. The evidence mentioned included approximately 10 garbage bags containing a hacksaw, hatchet, bloody clothing and rugs, as well as personal belongings such as Ana’s COVID-19 vaccination card and a piece of what seemed to be her necklace.

After the arraignment on Wednesday, Walshe’s attorney Tracy Miner issued the following statement to WBZ-TV:

It is easy to charge a crime and even easier to say a person committed that crime. It is a much more difficult thing to prove it, which we will see if the prosecution can do. I am not going to comment on the evidence, first because I am going to try this case in the court and not in the media. Second, because I haven’t been provided with any evidence by the prosecution. In my experience, where, as here, the prosecution leaks so called evidence to the press before they provide it to me, their case isn’t that strong. When they have a strong case, they give me everything as soon as possible. We shall see what they have and what evidence is admissible in court, where the case will ultimately be decided. 

Although it is probably fruitless, I ask that you not inundate my office, my home or my cell phone with media requests. I will not be giving any media interviews or comments. I intend to win this case in court, not in the media, which has already tried and convicted Mr. Walshe. 

Tracy Miner

The Norfolk County District Attorney’s office has reported that this is the second instance of suspected domestic violence homicide in their jurisdiction in less than a month.