ChatGPT resources that will make you a superhuman

1. A Crash Course on Chat GPT for Beginners: This is a Crash Course on ChatGPT for Beginners. This course will teach you information on different ways to use ChatGPT. Check here

2. Make money with it Chat GPT in 2023: ChatGPT opens tons of opportunities to make money with Open AI. Watch this video to learn how to use Chat GPT to make money in 2023. Check here

3. How to build your own Chat GPT Site: Want to build your own personal ChatGPT. This video will teach you everything from doing prompts to generating content and building your own application. Check here

4. How to create a full website with ChatGPT: This tutorial is an amazing example how you can utilise AI to create and design a full-fledged website for you. This is insanely cool and incredible to create one website with AI on your own. Check here

5. Awesome ChatGPT Prompts: Awesome ChatGPT Prompts is an amazing repository having a collection of prompts to be used with that ChatGPT model. You can also use this to generate your own prompts as well. Check here

6. ChatGPT for Search Engines: The “ChatGPT for Search Engines” extension allows users to get detailed answers to their queries while searching on search engines. Check here

7. ChatGPT Writer: This Chrome extension uses ChatGPT AI to generate entire emails or replies based on keywords you input. This is super useful for writing on Gmail and LinkedIn. Check here

8. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT: This Chrome extension generates text transcripts and summaries of any YouTube video! Check here

9. TweetGPT: It uses ChatGPT to write your tweets, reply, comment, etc. To use it, just click the robot icon under your tweet input. Check here